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Does anybody have the name of the fencing contracting company.  I would suggest 
that further investigation is necessary before a hand is played?

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On 13 Aug 2011, at 1:23 PM, "Richard White" <rhwhite@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The original EIA study (which I wrote) strongly advocated that the road 
> should not be fenced and Doug ??? who was Chief Biologist in DWNP in the 
> 1980's said that fencing the road would destroy any chance of rebuilding 
> wildlife populations in the western sandveld.
> The problem here is two-fold:
> A DWNP that hasn't got its eye on the ball and frankly lacks the professional 
> capability to appraise the impact of this type of development objectively.
> A Minister of Transport with an agenda that excludes such considerations.
> Johnny Swartz (previous Minister of Transport) told me many years ago that 
> the road would be fenced and the project was initiated when he was Minister 
> of Transport. You should look into the possibility that he has a vested 
> interest (shares in a fencing contractor is one possibility).
> If you want to stop it at this stage, an approach to the President is your 
> only hope.
> Richard White
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> Subject: [botswanapredatorforum] Ghantzi Road Fence
> Does anybody have any information on the Ghantzi road fence??
> I am aware that a few years ago, some organisation (WCS??) sponsored a EURO 5 
> million study looking at the wildlife corridor between CKGR and KTP, and 
> worked with the communities in those areas. I think ex DWNP director Mr Sedia 
> Modisa was involved. Anyway, there is now a double bonnox fence with barbed 
> wire running on both sides of the Jwaneng to Ghantzi road, which is a fairly 
> effective barrier to wildlife movement in these areas I am sure. The fence, 
> by its markings is not simply near villages but is marked or being 
> constructed in the WMas too.
> A few questions.
> I thought that some vestiges of a migratory route for the few wildebeeste 
> left in CKGR moves across between Sekgoma and Kang. I have seen wild dogs, 
> lion and cheetah crossing this section of road in the last 10 years, as well 
> as Hartebeeste and Springbok?
> Why is the reserve not being fenced with normal barbed wire. A five strand 
> barbed wire fence inhibits cattle but not wildlife??
> Dos DWNP know of the existence of this fence, and was the WCS?? study made 
> available to the roads department??
> This to me seems another study done, and placed on a shelf to retain dust and 
> not be shared between ministries??

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