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I can get a lot of these, my library lists 22 books.

Would you be willing to edit, smile.

The scanning for me is a breeze the editing is not.

Smile, I would go today and pick some of them up but am not feeling good but 
can go and grab some of them when I go to the library again.

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  I know I am weeks later in the conversation, but I loved these books as a 
young girl and have searched for them for my daughter. I would be glad to be 
part of the process if someone can provide the books for me to work with. We 
have only submitted books that Nichole needed for school or wanted to read for 
pleasure because my time is so limited, but I would be glad to work on this 
project if the books are supplied. I enjoyed them even far more than the Nancy 
Drew series, and that is saying something. :-)


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  On Apr 3, 2009, at 3:00 PM, Jamie Prater wrote:

    Hi, all, I have recently learned about a set of books about a nurse named 
Cherry Ames.  One author started out writing them and then gave copyright to 
another author, so I'm not sure which author to list, but the NLS only has them 
in handcopied braille--high demand, low quantity of copy, and when it's gone, 
it's gone, and hard records from way back, and they recalled their record 
players.  This seems to be a really good set of books about a nurse.  Some of 
the titles include Cherry Ames, Veteran nurse; Cherry Ames, Boarding School 
nurse; Cherry ames, Cruise Nurse; Cherry Ames, Jungle nurse, and there are 
several others.  I think these would add nicely to bookshare and hopefully will 
be easy scans.  Have a blessed day, thanks in advance, and happy 

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