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Pam means the development team at APH.
She is tech support.

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What do you mean, "they tell us"?  You work for APH!

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> It is coming, but it isn't ready yet.  They're telling us it'll be ready
> the summer.
> American Printing House For The Blind
> 1839 Frankfort Ave.
> Louisville, KY  40206
> PHONE:  1-800-223-1839, Ext. 307
>>>> music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/10/07 02:53PM >>>
> Hello, 
> I am interested in Book Port.  I called APH last May and some one
> advised to wait on purchasing a Book Port, because there would probably
> be a new version within a year to accommodate NLS digital talking books
> as well as mp3 and audio files in various formats. Any word on the new
> versions of Book Port at this time?
> Thank you,
> Sister Margaret Mary

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