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wruf, am 850, Gainesville, fl
owned and operated by the U of Florida, thhis nevertheless is a commercial 
news/talk station carrying U of Florida Gator sports.

SPORTS byline usa network feed
(this stream replaces a previously posted ur and has been tested for recording 
and tuning in ravl)

wdbo, Orlando, fl, AM 580
(another source for Kim Komando, 2 to 5 am Eastern Sun morning as well as 6 to 
9 pm eastern sun evening.  Note that the latter may be pre-empted due to Magic 
station schedule: http://580wdbo.com/inside/shows.html

moody radio florida (simulcast of WKES, lakeland and other stations in Naples, 
Sarasota, Crystal River)
program schedule:  http://tinyurl.com/26pghp:
web site:  www.moodyradioflorida.fm

wktz, Jacksonville, FL, fm90.9
Jones College Radio, beautiful Music/elevator music
(This is what fm radio sounded like and many offices, stores, businesses played 
throughout the work day in the 1960s and 1970s.
  Even more interesting in reading the station's history is that the station 
first went on the air, in 1964, and has held to this format for 44 years.)

wznz, Jacksonville, FL am 1460 -- Jacksonville's Progressive talk station
website: www.1460.us
(Though this station uses the Air America moniker Progressive Talk, 
it is progressive in a totally different and refreshing sense.
featured is plenty of local talk reminiscent of the style prior to 
poliarized talk radio.
It's issues and information oriented  reminiscent of talk radio  
a generation ago).). .

wcpt, Willow Springs-Chicago, 820 AM, Chicago's progressive Talk
stream url:
(WCPT carries nationally syndicated programs such as Thom hartman, Randi 
Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Bill Press, and Mike Malloy.

Wmbd, Peoria, IL -- am 1470 Peoria's News and Talk Station
stream:  http://wmbd.serverroom.us:7048
schedule:  http://www.1470wmbd.com/pages/383932.php?

whnz, Tampa, FL -- am 1250
One of the few stations that airs alll 4 of the 1 hour editions of "Wall Street 
Journal this morning" (5 to 9 am Eastern).

Bloomberg Radio (business 24 hours)
stream:  http://www.bloomberg.com/streams/audio/radio_live.asx
Program schedule:

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