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Wow! Beautifully said. Welcome to the computer revolution and
thanks to those engineers including Bill Gates for dreaming up
an operating system we could still use and the engineers in
assistive technology. If this wasn't the case we'd still be
using our radios for those long distance stations. DX ing. I
still have my radio and 100 foot wire outside to catch those far
away stations.

We have to also thank Applian Technologies for making most of
their software accessible for the blind PC user. Bill Dettering,
Leslie Bee, Tom, Mike, Chad and Debbie. The whole staff at

I have only one problem with this technology and its I have no
time to listen to all the shows. I have to pick and choose. Only
so much time in a day.

--- Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Petro
> Yes, I *most definitely* am a fan of investment-related show
> -- my url 
> postings give that away <grin>!!
> It never ceases to amaze me what is able to find on the net be
> it audio 
> related or other.
> As a youngster in the early and mid 1960s, I fantasized of
> having a long 
> wire antenna that reached from Chicago to L.A. to listen to
> radio from 
> that area which, for whatever real or imagined, I perceived to
> be 
> fantastic.
> Little did I know that one day this fantasy would be even
> better than I 
> could have ever dreamed as I can today listen to stations not
> only tunable 
> in Chicago and L.A., but almost anywhere else you might
> perceive -- in 
> perfect clarity to boot.
> We moved from the Chicago are to rural western Illinois about
> 7 or so 
> years back, and I honestly have to say, with all the
> streaming, I feel 
> just as in tune to what I want to hear on the Chicago airwaves
> as I did in 
> 1999.
> And thanks to the net, my radio universe is now only Illinois
> but the rest 
> of the U.S. and even some of the abroad.
> And today, it is as likely that I will tune in something from 
> Jacksonville, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Brooksville, FL,
> Dickinson, Nd 
> as it might be from something from Chicago, Milwaukee, Peoria
> or the Quad 
> Cities.
> And having a tool such as RAV allows me to listen to whatever
> I want when 
> it works for me.
> And oh yes, speaking of memories, one of the things I had
> yearned for, 
> back in the AM dxing days of the 1960s, was to listen to the
> Grand Ole 
> Opry in perfect clarity.
> Well, I got that dream fulfilled in the early 1990s when my
> wife had a 
> girlfriend who moved to the Antioch area of Nashville and we
> visited 4 or 
> 5 times a year -- we had even considered moving there and had
> gotten as 
> close as putting in a bid on a home which fell through.
> Now, I can tune into the Opry any Friday or Saturday night, if
> I so chose, 
> and hear WSM sounding better than some of our locals.
> And, I suppose, thanks to time shifting, if I had bothered to
> make the 
> recordings, I could do this right now (oh yes, for a price, I
> can get at 
> the WSMonLine archives).
> I truly have to pinch myself what the net has opened up to all
> of us.  It 
> is just a shame  that more blind people aren't taking
> advantage of this 
> information explosion and seemingly limiting themselves to the
> email side 
> of the equation.
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