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  • Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 08:08:10 -0400

HI Melanie,

  Yes, you can turn the sund off while recording but you have to do it from the 
Settings/XM Hardware menu. Ts a button there  to "Turn off Radio."

  To me, once you have set up recordings, it isn't much differant than  
recording internet streams, but, as I have mentioned, the manual listen option 
is kind of clunky.

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  Is it possible to turn the sound off while recording via hardware?  I am new 
with trying it, but I do have xm pc and I was disappointed at how clunky it 
seemed to be but it could also be me.

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    HI All,

    I know Applian staff monitors this list, so, I thought I might make a 
    suggestion for a program update to Replay AV.

    I use the XM hardware interface and am quite fond of the idea that I can 
    record programs via a timed recording while I am away.

    I also use Replay AV to start and stop the XM reciever while listenning 

    My suggestion is: please include a "Turn Off  Satellite" featur in the 
    pop-up window. Or, allow the Stop Recording option to turn off the 
    satellite reciever.

    As the program exists now (Replay 8.10), you need to go to File/Settings/XM 
    Hardware to manually turn off the sat reciever.


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