RE: Power Gramo not working?

  • From: "Jonathan Mosen" <jmosen@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 09:43:24 -0600

Hi Chris, if you can find the list of recordings with your JAWS cursur,
assuming you are still sticking with JAWS, then left click anywhere in that
list and that will give it focus. You can then up and down arrow through the
list. When you find the recording you want to interact with, route JAWS to
PC and right click. You will find an option in the context menu called
export recording. That will export it from the PGA format to your chosen
open format, in this case, ogg.

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Hi Jonathan and all

Ok, I think we're getting down to the problem, but I'm not sure how to 
reverse it.
When I initially set up Power Gramo, i saw a dialogue box asking me to 
enter a password to protect my audio files. So I entered one, thinking that 
I would still be able to access them as Ogg files, but they're being saved 
as .pga files.  This is the power Gramo file extention, and it can't be 
used with anything but Power Gramo. So now I need to figure out how to get 
it to save everything as .ogg files rather than the PGA files it's saving
now. So if anyone has any idea as to how I can get Power Gramo to not
protect my files I'd appreciate it!

At 11:15 PM 11/4/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Chris, yes if all is working Well, echo123 does get recorded, it is 
>just a regular Skype call. Am not sure what to suggest, as I am using a 
>beta and it is possible things have changed a bit.
>Jonathan Mosen
>Blog, podcast and radio show:
>Ph: +1-925-566-9265.
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>From: Chris Skarstad [mailto:toonhead5@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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>Subject: Power Gramo not working?
>         Hi folks
>Ok, I didn't have any skype contacts online so I decided to be 
>resourceful and atempt to call the echo 123 testing service on skype.  
>I did and everything sounded fine, and just as Jonathan said, there was 
>a Power Gramo menu in skype itself with all the options and everything 
>just as it should be.  However when I finished the test call, I went to 
>the place where I saved my skype calls and there was nothing there. I 
>wonder if Power Gramo doesn't count that as a regular call and hence 
>doesn't record that? If that's the case, i'll wait for someone to come 
>online and i'll give 'em a call and see how it works. I do have it set 
>to record in Ogg format, and after that option is a scrole bar, not 
>sure what that does? But it's set to 100% .  Still haven't quite gotten 
>the hang of this software yet but it sure as hell looks promising!

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