Re: NFB Trashes Mac OS X.

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Before one takes 2 hours to listen to this show, let's suppose that one does 
not use Braille, at all; is this then a relevant program, for one to listen to? 
 I am one of those formerly sighted individuals, who concentrates on using 
screen readers, not Braille monitors or other Braille equipment.  So, as to 
clarify, should I just skip this?  


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Subject: NFB Trashes Mac OS X.

Hey, all.  I have just posted the latest episode of the BLindWorld  
Blog and Podcast.  It is a reproduction of an episode of The  
Screenless Switchers Podcast's latest episode, featureing a thorough  
critique of a horrifying article published by the NFB concerning Mac  
OS X.  Find my show at or download  
the file directly at 
  and be warned that the podcast is over 2 hours in length.  I would,  
however, urge you to listn to the whole thing, as it is most  
relevant.  Thank you.
Shane Jackson
Vestavia Hills, Alabama, USA.
Email & MSN:  jack728@xxxxxxxxx
Skype:  cadal728
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