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It does.  I went in last night and had forgotten how to try to pick a
number.  So glad I could get mine back.

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Scott, it says so on the front  of the website, sot that is the warning.  I
think it does at least.  Happy new year to you.

At 02:08 PM 1/6/2006, you wrote:
>HI all.
>Just wanted to let everyone know if you have a comment line for your 
>podcast provided by if you haven't recieved a message on 
>your provided number for over 30 days, reserve the right to 
>terminate that number.
>This happened to me and I just signed up again and I luckily could 
>choose my old comment line number I use for the wormcast again.
>Just wanted to let everyone know.
>Very inconveenient and there's no email warning or anything and i'm 
>going to complain to the folks at about this.
>They don't have the right to simply cancel a number without any prior 
>warning or written notification as far as i'm concerned.
>Thanks all for your time.

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