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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 22:58:55 -0600

I heard that is good for the person with the number but maybe not the callers. This is because you are forced to give your home number to the owner whether you like it or not. There is no star-67 as k7 is immune from that working, sort of like 911. I played with it on a box I set up, hitting *67 before I dialed in to leave myself a message, at that time I could find my home number in the subject of the email. . I guess laser and K7 boxes aren't that great to call into if you don't want to give the owner of the box your phone number unless you call in with skype which will make one up.

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Subject: A note to those folks with numbers

HI all.

Just wanted to let everyone know if you have a comment line for your podcast provided by
if you haven't recieved a message on your provided number for over 30 days, reserve the right to terminate that number.
This happened to me and I just signed up again and I luckily could choose my old comment line number I use for the wormcast again.
Just wanted to let everyone know.
Very inconveenient and there's no email warning or anything and i'm going to complain to the folks at about this.

They don't have the right to simply cancel a number without any prior warning or written notification as far as i'm concerned.

Thanks all for your time.

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