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Kelly,  that was truly. . . marvellous!


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[bksvol-discuss] Re: txt page breaks redux

At least they don't make shower-cleaner with a bug that occasionally, and
with no warning, truncates, corrupts, or realigns the walls of the shower.
Now, if Microsoft produced the stuff that would probably change. Then
everyone would switch to Linux shower cleaner, which would be great except
for one thing--it would be inaccessible. You would have to tap a series of
images on the cap in the write order, or the bottle would emit a solution
that would permanently fuse the cap on. Or it would come with an enormous
beaker for measuring, which would have no lines on the inside. And we the
blind would be stuck with the old wall-deforming Microsoft shower-cleaner.
Then we would all have to move back in with our parents.
Hmm, I guess this was a little off topic...

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