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that helps.

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I might be confused about your question, but here is the answer to the
question I think you are asking. :-)

Kurzweil says newline when ever there is a real return character. It will
never say that when the text goes to the next line only because of word
A blank line does not exist in every place there is a newline. You may not
hear blank if you have Kurzweil reading continuously, but if you use up and
down arrows to look around you will hear blank when your cursor encounters
an empty line, which would require 2 newline characters to produce.
Does that help at all, or did I missunderstand the question?

Sarah Van Oosterwijck http://home.earthlink.net/~netentity/

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Guido I agree. As you and others know, I just got kurzweil 9 and the patch
and even though it has been a learning curve as well as fun, I am still
thinking of customer service for bookshare first and mostly. On top of that,
my main computer went down and hopefully it will be back tomorrow with a 3.0
or higher processor and 120 gig hard drive. The memory will be 1 gig but
enough about that. I am thinking of bookshare as well in this because the
less time to scan a book but it passes my standards as well as bookshare's
waas the reason that went into my considerations about upgrading since the
computer is a little over three years old. If you don't mind me going ahead
and ask a question here about putting in a page number where it belongs,
particularly at the bottom of a page, does kurzweil put in a blank when it
says new line? The reason I'm asking is because with practicing this
morning, I went in and marked parge 45 for example and after checking,
kurzweil didn't say blank after the period and it was on a new line. I just
have kurzweil to use as an editor for now and want to make sure everything
turns out like it ought to be.
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Kelly, if the scanner is the cause of the quality problem, a minimal $45
investment will get them a perfectly good EPSON 1650 at the EPSON refurb
store. If someone can't afford that, I can't even see how they can't
possibly afford a monthly Internet connection charge.
A barely higher $124 will get them a modern refurb EPSON 3170 in the same
place. If Kurzweil or Openbook were too costly and rehab funding were not
available, the ABBY Fine Reader Professional 7.0 is a perfectly high
quality solution, as the spottless submission from Donna Smith testify.
As you said, obsolete equipment is not a good excuse. A little up-front
work prior to submission typically ensures that a good part of the errors
have been fixed. A spotcheck can also detect bunch of missing words etc. .

Now, think about time usage: is it better to work 20 hours to salvage a
single book, or spend the same total amount of time and end with 3 to 4
submissions at the end? Let's not even think about the fact that our paying
subscribers will find the collection grown by 4 instead of 1 at the end of
your effort. Let us think about our work benefitting other volunteers?
Your 20 hours can be spent giving credit to 1 sloppy submitter, or give
credit to 4 other good ones. Now, tell me where you will work, if the
greater good of the volunteer community is paramount to you.
And if instead you think about your own credits, as a reviewer, your 20
hours can get you 1 credit, or can get you 4, depending on what you work

So, as you can see, whether you think about our customers, the volunteer
community at large, or your own interest, the outcome seems to be the

 Unless we think of these files as orphan, hungry, sick children,  in need
of comfort, and nurture. Which I am afraid they are not.


 Guido Dante Corona
 IBM Accessibility Center,  Austin Tx.
 Research Division,
 Phone:  512. 838. 9735.
 Email: guidoc@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Web:  http://www.ibm.com/able

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 Oh Guido, great Lord High Rejecter of all, <grin>
 That's fantastic if you have access to a copy of the book. Oftentimes the
 volunteer may not, and a certain amount of error-correcting really isn't
 that onerous, especially if you're going to read the book anyway.
 I do think, though, that it's nice when people who, because of older
 equipment, can't get scans that live up to our modern high standards go
 through and do some work on their submissions before submitting. After
 there's a lot more credit for submitting than there is for validating.

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