[bksvol-discuss] o/t: Web Visum improves website access for blind

  • From: "Jackie McBride" <abletec@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bookshare-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 09:40:55 -0700

Ever been annoyed by captias u can't see much less solve? Or by
labeled images that may as well have been written in Martian?

Enter Web Visum! This is the best excuse you'll ever find for making
Firefox your default browser. WebVisum (visum is vision in Latin) is a
firefox 3 plugin that does all sorts of things:
1) It lets u label links & share those labels w/other users--u, in
turn, get theirs;
2) it can solve most captias w/a keystroke & puts the result on the
clipboard for pasting into the appropriate field, thus making it
suitable for both blind & deaf-blind;
3) It can OCR some image links, thereby turning them into a
recognizeable label instead of whatever;
4) It's free, & its development is ongoing.

This has been developed by a couple of sighted folks who, out of their
generosity, wanna help. I think they will start in the future
developing a premium version, but the basic features I've outlined,
they say, will remain free.

Check it out at:

BTW, I have no affiliation w/them, nothing to gain by advertising
this, accept possibly to help some1.

Change the world--1 deed at a time
Jackie McBride
Check out my homepage at:
& please join my fight against breast cancer
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