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  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:15:34 -0600

Kelly, this slight higher than real number of 'fair' in submission rating 
is essentially a system implementation limitation.  I suggest that any 
future enhancement to the book submission system does completely away with 
the quality index combo box.  Rather,  the file submittet should go 
through the same automated quality assessment used for the post review 
submission,  where the system assigns a quality rating and the submitter 
has the opprtunity to override this down/up.  In a similar way the adult 
checkbox should also be moved to an immediate post-upload panel,  where 
the submitter has instead the opportunity to override a system-generated 

This is yet another suggestion for marissa to add to her reqs log book!



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[bksvol-discuss] much better than fair

Hi all,
I just uploaded a book yesterday about Hong Kong. It had been marked fair,
but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book could have been 
excellent. There were very few errors, and the few errors were not the 
that would interfere with reading the book. This book was submitted by one
of our prolific submitters whose books I hadn't happened to work on 
so it was really encouraging to see how good this scan was. Spellcheckers
might not have liked this book because it was written with British 
and there were lots of Chinese names of people, but even these names came
out with no problems. I can't speak Chinese, but the names looked good and
were names like the ones from my East Asian history classes--I didn't find
anyone named Q3^* or anything. <grin>

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