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Cool Complete Idiots and For Dummies, awesome, and a major pain to scan.

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  Usually (but not always!) the text explains what the diagrams and charts are 
illustrating in home improvement and other nonfiction books. Since some people 
learn better by reading text, some by listening, and some by looking at 
diagrams, these books try to cover all the bases. I chose books that had lots 
of text, and ignored the books with lots of pictures. Since we're paying the 
outsourcers, I'm that they'll do a good job with the books. If they don't, 
we'll send the books back until they do do a good job.
  One of our outsourcers gives us a good rate on difficult books, so we're 
trying to send them lots of hard-to-proofread books, like the Complete Idiots 
and Dummies series, and cookbooks, and such. They're getting all of the how-to 
and home improvement books.

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  Hi Monica,
  Unbeknownst to anyone, because the books haven't been put into the collection 
  I bought 20 books at the Home Depot a month ago. These books are on plumbing, 
  drywall, trimwork, barbecues, kitchen remodeling, brick and tile, 
landscaping, backyards
  for children, how houses are built, etc, etc.  I also got some books on 
cutting electricity
  bills and creating 'greener' houses.
  And thanks to a donation of 600+ books a couple of months ago, there are 
maybe 16
  books coming on perennials, annuals, orchids, greenhouses, house plants, 
  violets, etc.
  And a week ago, I bought a dozen books on films, and some TV series (Lost, 
  Star Trek).
  And I bought a book on the history of American birding. Never occurred to me 
  someone would write a book about that, but they did, so I got it.
  I'll see if I can find books on defensive driving, car maintenance, 
  scrapbooking, home decorating, and flower arranging.
  Our star Googler is looking for histories of the various countries around the 
  from non-American, non-European people, per another person's request. And 
she's looking
  for pro-communism writers too, per yet another person's request. Since she 
  international politics, she's having a good time with these last two requests.

  How are you going to handle all the diagrams and such that appear in those 
type of home improvement books? It's my experience that such how-to guides 
don't, as a rule, OCR very well.

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