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Omerta is probably the kind of book where there were no square brackets.
But there is nothing that should have been removed and the BRF file is
perfect.  It was a good book and a pleasure to read because of the absence
of errors and junk chars.

Sue S.

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If there are no square brackets in a book I submitted it is because there
were no square brackets in the print copy.  During the proofing process I
search for every char available from the keyboard which is not purely
alphanumeric or common punctuation and take action on an individual bases:
remove, replace with another char, or leave it alone as needed.


Guido Dante Corona
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I''m reading a book in brf that Guido submitted and there are no brackets at
all...  So either  the braille translator removes them or the validator
remooved them..  Tere is no junk at all.

Sue S.

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Guido, Do you know how the brackets will look in the Bookshare braille
version; that's what I'm concerned about.

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