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If the BRF tool does a perfect job of translating the brackets, they will look 
like parentheses (a lowered G, or dots 2-3-5-6), only there will be a dot 6 
preceeding the opening parenthesis, and a dot 3 following the closing 
parenthesis.  I personally find that small oddities in translation, like an 
idiosyncratic symbol for a bracket, don't negatively affect my reading.  The 
Bookshare community's not noted for shyness, so I'm sure that if a Braille 
reader has issues with this book, there will be a bracket racket.

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  Sorry,  I am illiterate.  I do not read in Braille.  But I know how a square 
bracket looks like in print:  It looks like an open staple.  A parenthesis 
looks like a nail clipping instead. . or perhaps like a tiny banana. 

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