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I for one would be very interested in a nicely scanned book with good
descriptions of signs. I'm deaf-blind, but I was blind before becoming
deaf. In fact, I was born blind. I've been trying to learn ASL for years
so as to have better contacts with people in the deaf community. But I
just can't remember the signs. Good descriptions would help. But the book
must have an excellent rating and no missing pages.


On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Shelley L. Rhodes wrote:

> Some sign language books have pretty good descriptions of the signs being
> described, would Bookshare benefit from books like this.  I am looking right
> now, as I have a student who is deaf blind, and I know finger spelling, and
> some basic signs, like thank you, welcome, and Sorry, but nothing else.  am
> teaching her cooking so it is a bit of a mental challenge to make sure we
> cover everything I want to cover.  Just curious if anyone was successful
> with any sign language books, and if so, what were the titles, so I can look
> them up.  I am learning new signs everyday, I learned "Your Welcome" today.
> smile.
> Thanks.
> We have several books in my library, one in particular, might scan pretty
> well.
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