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Congratulations, Nan. Those types of books aren't usually my cup of tea, but I love to write and I used to have a dream of publishing something, too. That's no longer a dream of mine, but I know what a rush it can be when something you've worked so hard on is just about finished. Take care.

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Nan Hawthorne wrote:
There's still a good way to go with the book before it is published, but I am so proud of myself I just need to tell my friends here. I have a novel sitting right here on my desk, one I wrote every bloody word of.. what a rush. It's my second book but this one is my first novel... and it makes me tired just looking at it. I look forward to it being entirely done so I can share it with yoou all on Bookshare. The title will be "The Story: A Tale of the middle Ages and How It Came To Be".

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