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Hi Mary,

By any chance, was the original 98.57% rating due, in part, to the fact that
capitalized words, words in all caps, and the like were set to be checked in
the Ranked Spelling properties, so many character names or places (which
were prevalent in the book) were displayed as errors because they were not
in the dictionary? If so, did you happen to achieve the final 99.82% by
setting all such words to be ignored throughout the document when you were
going through the list of errors? I ask because Kurzweil 1000, as long as
the file you're working with is in KES format, saves your list of ignored
words along with the KES file once it has been saved; this list, however, is
only applicable to KES files, so when you convert the file to RTF, that list
is no longer associated with your RTF file, and no such list gets saved with
the RTF file even when it is saved, so your rating goes back to the original
when you re-check the RTF file. For instance, a book I just submitted
originally had a rating of 98.47%, which was largely due to the fact that
character names, which were found hundreds of times, were not in the
dictionary. Even though I could have chosen to ignore capitalized words when
performing a Ranked Spelling, I like to have them get checked in case a
character name is consistently misspelled (for instance, if an L in a
character's name is constantly misrecognized as an I), and I simply have the
words ignored when I'm going through the list of errors. In any case, upon
ignoring the first 20 words or so on the list of errors in this book (these
20 words were all character names and the like), my rating went up to
something like 99.68% or thereabouts, and, because this book was in KES
format at the time, my ignored list got saved with the file; even now, when
I open that file, my rating isn't shown as the original 98.47%. When I
converted this file to RTF, because that list of ignored words was no longer
saved with the file, my rating was once again 98.47%; although I ignored the
first 20 words again to get the 99.68% rating, after saving the RTF file and
re-opening it, my rating was once again 98.47% in Ranked Spelling because
the program saves such a list of ignored words only with KES files. If the
scenario of ignoring capitalized and other such words didn't significantly
contribute to your rating improvement, apologies that this, then, wouldn't
have been incredibly useful, but otherwise, I hope it helps a bit. You're
not doing anything wrong with your conversions; this is just the nature of
how Ranked Spelling behaves in KES as opposed to other file types.

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Hello.  I have been a lurker on this list off and on for some time 
and have validated a number of books.  I recently began working with 
rank spelling and discovered a problem which I am afraid I may have 
had all along without realizing.  I download RTF files into Kurzweil 
version 11; then change to KES for validating; then change back to 
RTF to upload.  For my most recent book, which I have not yet 
uploaded, I had an original rank spelling of 98.57.  After 
validating, it was 99.82.  I checked again after changing back to 
RTF, and rank spelling had reverted to the original 98.57.  What am I 
doing wrong in changing formats?

What made me think of checking this was when I uploaded one of the 
recently added books from BookShare which had a rating of 
Excellent.  There were many errors.  When I checked its rank 
spelling, it showed 94.5--obviously not excellent rating.

If anyone can straighten me out on this, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

Mary Stephens

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