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  • Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:02:10 -0800

Wow! This is news to me and concerns me. How long can you leave it dormant
for before it logs you out. I¹m cc¹ing Allison and Jake so they can give me
a read on what¹s going on here and whether we need to make changes on our
end. I¹m assuming it¹s not logging you off while you¹re actively using it.
But Jamie¹s email says she has to relog in every 5-6 minutes. That¹s crazy.
There¹s got to be something we can do about that.

We love our readers and don¹t want to drive them crazy. Here¹s a pop quiz to
brighten your day. What wonderful novel in the Bookshare collection has an
important teacher in it named Siohban?


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Dear Jamie and Booksharian Friends,
Jamie, that was the first thing I was going to suggest, too. I lose count of
the number of times I log into Bookshare every day. It has to be over a half
dozen, or half a bazillion.
Always with love,
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> I wish we could stay logged in longer. It seems like after only 5 or 6
> minutes I have to log into Bookshare again.
> Jamie in Michigan
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