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Hi, Patti. Yes, if you have a flat bed scanner, you do need to hold the 
bindings down as flat as you can make them. Hardback books can be a problem, 
too, and yes, they do need to be positioned properly. Yes, their bindings also 
need to be as flat as you can make them against the scanner glass if you can do 
two pages at once. If the book is too big and you can only do one page at a 
time, you still need to make sure the entire page you're scanning fits on the 
glass, right up to the edge of the binding, to make sure words don't get cut 
off. Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I was asking the gentleman at FS today if he scanned books and he said no.  
He said what he knew about that was that most  paperbacks have cheap paper for 
pages, and the fact you have to hold the binding down to get a good scan, so he 
had never tried scanning a book but said he thought he might try it.  How many 
of you hold the binding down while scanning?  Seems to me if you are going to 
do that then you have to sit at the computer/scanner the whole time the book is 
scanning, whether you do it in segments but still, that sounds like a lot of 
effort, and wondered if that is what you all do.  I also wonder if hardback 
books are easier, if you have to hold that binding down as often on a hardback 
book. The gentleman at FS said that was one of the things he really had liked 
about the reading edge, that all that effort wasn't necessary because of how 
you had the book positioned on the scanner, and the fact you could put it in a 
farther back position, however he said it.  Anyway, just curious,

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