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Jill, Cindy and others,

Have you ever had to write a paper about a book or quote a line from a book in 
a  paper or foot note?  Have you ever wanted a friend to read something inside 
of a book or story?  Did you want to find a line a poetry and did not know 
where to look and asked a friend?  All the answers to these would have to know 
where, on what line on what page of which book you would find the quotation or 
information and that is why many of us want the page number in the book to be 
the same as the page number of the scan so you can find the line or quotation.  
It is easier with Plays as one cites act, scene, and lines. Page numbers become 
irrelevant. But not so with books.   And searching for words or phrases will 
give too many possible answers and you can spend hours looking for the one you 
want. I would rather have someone validate my scans - though I validate them 
myself before submitting them - so that the final copy will be usable for any 
Bookshare Member with or without sight who needs our books for whatever reason. 
I have to magnify the books I scan and/or validate at least by 2 but the page 
numbers are the same whether you listen to the reader or listen and follow with 
your eyes  or whatever combination any reader will know where to go for 
whatever they are seeking in the book and the numbers will not change from one 
reader to another. That's why the page numbers are so important. Kurzweil lets 
you make the page number on the page match the number on the count and all of 
the preliminary material which is numbered separately with roman numerals are 
Identifies as "preliminary page number whatever". 

I recently read a book which had 3 different page numbers but as long as I 
could find the number on the page - frequently before or after the page heading 
- I could know where I was and how far I had to go to the page I wanted 
regardless of where  the search engine  took me. Scanners and validators are 
not editing books just for themselves but for any member who wants to read them 
for whatever reason and with whatever disability.  

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  Cindy, You're absolutely right. I have a feeling that the people who do this 
simply don't know how to convert the file to RTF. 
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    Maybe there is something I don't understand, but whyt does anybody have to 
submit in a Kurzweil or an ARK format. It would seem the chances to get your 
books validated would be increased. I think about everybody has .rtf 

    Cindy Lou--Think Pink


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