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That is what I do too. Maybe it is better to do everything in kes and then convert.

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Jim, Bookshare will accept submitted books in KES format, but then the number of people who could validate them would be limited. When I am scanning, I use Kurzweil and only when I'm satisfied with the book do I go to the Find menu and convert it to RTF. When validating an RTF file, I don't change the format but do it with Kurzweil. Does this address your concern? ----- Original Message ----- From: Jim
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 Subject: [bksvol-discuss] RTF format.

 Good morning all,
I guess I'm wondering why book share can't except books in kes format. Those of us with kurzweil can do a much better job of corrections and such with it, and this problem with the multiple blank pages seems to occur with RTF format, so couldn't consideration be given to accept books in kes format?
 Jim Rawls


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