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Hi, all! Yes, thumb drives as they are also called are great. My favorite storage option is the compact flash card, which you can get in various storage capacities. I like them because I can use them with my PC and my BrailleNote. Some PC's don't have the built-in slots for CF cards, but the external card readers are not expensive at all. Take care!


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HI :)

Once I get my traveling computer I plan on getting one.

Also I will throw this one out to the group. What do people find is a good
software program for syncing two computers. It would be nice to plug one in
when I get home and sync things up as far as preferences etc.

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I'm probably the last person to get one, but just in case... I recently
bought a 128 M? flash drive, the second cheapest kind. It cost about $30,
before the rebate. It's one of the most useful things I've bought in a long
time. I work on books on 2 or 3 different computers, and this thing makes
it a snap to carry my files around. Just stick it in the USB drive, and
I've got all I need. Even a small one holds way more than a floppy disk,
and copies a lot faster, too. And it's so small and cute, about the size of
a pack of gum. I usually keep it in my Braille Lite case, so I always have
it handy. If anyone else transfers files between different computers a lot,
I highly recommend one of these nifty things.

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