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Thanks hone! I will treasure this! I have something similar to this recipe
but no cast iron skillet! Ha ha!  


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Mom's Cornbread 

2-3 tablespoons bacon grease solids (not already melted)
1 cup white self rising cornmeal 
1 large egg
1 cup milk 

Put your 2-3 tablespoons bacon grease solids (not already melted) grease in
cold (well seasoned small cast iron) skillet and place it in the oven WHILE
preheating the oven to 400 

I do the next step in a 2 cup glass measuring cup.  It should be in glass,
and not too large if you do not have something similar.

Combine 1 cup white self rising cornmeal and one large egg until lumpy.  A
minute or so after the oven has reached its desired temp (so the grease will
be hot enough for the next step), add 1/3 cup milk at a time, stirring the
batter well between each addition.  Once the batter is well mixed, remove
skillet from oven and pour most of the grease into the batter, leaving
enough to lubricate the pan.  You know the grease was hot enough if it
sizzles when added to the batter and again when you pour the mixture into
the pan.  (This sometimes takes a few batches to gauge while learning the
technique.)  Stir quickly into the mix the batter until well mixed (but
trying not to allow the pan to cool much) and then pour in the hot greased
cast iron skillet.  

Bake at 400° for about 18 minutes, until edges pull away.  I place a dinner
plate over the skillet and turn upside down immediately after taking out of
oven.  If it sticks, your pan needs more seasoning.  

Doug likes his middle soft, so we only cook about 16 minutes, his mom likes
hers dryer,so she cooks up to 20 min.  Without sight, I would guide cook
times by desired result and play in subsequent preparations.

We butter (or smart spread) our tops and bottoms so they reheat better, his
mom slices hers in the middle and adds a pat of whatever there.  personal



On Jan 1, 2010, at 3:27 PM, Susan wrote:

Hope you'll share the corn bread recipe!

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