[bksvol-discuss] Re: My book requests to the Wish List.

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:31:16 -0800


Bookshare scanners do not proofread their own books. This is a practice
that improves accuracy.

To speed up the process of getting a scanned book into other collection
many volunteers put in a lot of time cleaning up the scan. Then volunteers
might run a mini marketing post on this list giving a summary of the book
and requesting a proofer. It would be counterproductive to to be the
submitter and then proof as your book would be rejected for further

Scott Rains

On 11/28/11 11:19 AM, "Tomoko Miles" <seisha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Dear submitters:
>I currently put book requests to the Wish List. I want to proofread
>them by myself. If someone scans a book, please hold for my name. I
>wish someone is interested in these books.
>Below are my book requests.
>A Healing Family by Kenzabro Oe. I think a city library has this book.
>Louis Kincaid Thrillers by P. J. Parish. These are ten series of the
>book. Number 1, 2, 4, 8, and 10 are in the Bookshare correction. I
>want to read any of the others.
>Thank you,
>Tomoko Miles
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