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Hi all,

Original message:
Dear submitters:
I currently put book requests to the Wish List. I want to proofread
them by myself. If someone scans a book, please hold for my name. I
wish someone is interested in these books.
Below are my book requests.

A Healing Family by Kenzabro Oe. I think a city library has this book.

Louis Kincaid Thrillers by P. J. Parish. These are ten series of the
book. Number 1, 2, 4, 8, and 10 are in the Bookshare correction. I
want to read any of the others.
Thank you,

I realize that reading messages written by those who either have learning differences, speak English as their second language, or who are deaf-blind, is difficult, but if one stops to take time to read, the meaning of the above message is clear. Tomoko is requesting that several books be scanned. She is asking that if somebody chooses to scan one of her requests that she proof it. She would like the scanner, whomever it is, to put a hold on the book or books for her so that she can proof them.

Admittedly, the syntax is not the usual.  However, the meaning is clear.

Ann P.

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