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  • Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 16:42:05 -0600

I read with the Braille Note as well, and I've never noticed that line 
lengths were a huge problem.  The problem was much worse on the Braille 
Sense, which I worked with a couple of years ago, but I understand that 
they've fixed it now.  I usually read with the book reader, and I use the 
function for continuously scrolling the Braille.  I'll try to remember to 
check my settings today, just in case there's a particular setting that may 
help.  My guess is that it's a settings problem, rather than an actual 
problem with the Bookshare files... Most of them anyway. <Smile>


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  I read with a BrailleNote as well and you will note that lines are 
sometimes of different lengths when using Web Braille simply, I assume, 
because they are set up for a 40 cell line whereas the BrailleNote's line is 
only 32 cells. 

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