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I rescued A Necessary Woman, Donna.  But Jill, your name is listed as the 
validator who returned it.  Are you still working on it and just forgot to 
renew?  If so, I will release it to you.

Sue S.

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Whisky and Water:  A Novel of the Promethean Age, by Elizabeth Bear

This is an urban fantasy and a sequel to Blood and Iron which is already in 
the collection.  It's about 430 pages and is a clean scan.  Details are 

Also, A Necessary Woman by Helen Van Slyke is hanging out on the step one 
download page and it is also from the wish list.  I'm not sure if the person 
who requested it still wants it, but it's there if anyone wants to take pity 
on it and rescue it from step one.  It's a very clean scan as well, and as 
usual, don't sweat anything that looks confusing.  Just send me a note and I'll 
rescan it.

Here's the info on Whisky and Water:

Now Campbell Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear delivers

Seven years ago, Matthew the Magi ended an age-old war. It only cost him 

Matthew and his fellow Promethean Magi followed Jane Andraste into Faerie to 
rescue her half-human daughter and destroy forever the power of the Fae. But 
when Matthew discovered Jane's treachery, he betrayed her, and the 
Promethean armies fell. Matthew lost his brother and his mentor...and the 
lives of almost everyone else he knew.

Now Jane is recruiting a new army, and Matthew-his right hand crippled, his 
power shattered-is the protector of New York City. So when he finds a young 
woman brutally murdered by a beast almost certainly Fae, it's his duty to 
bring her killer to justice before Jane uses the crime to justify more war. 
To stop Jane, Matthew must contend with Magi, Fae, angels, untamed forces of 
nature, and an honest cop who thinks Matthew himself is the killer. And in 
the end, he'll find


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