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  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:26:30 -0500

Warrior Woman by Marion Zimmer Bradley


This is a short book of only 206 pages.  It's a very clean scan with all the
usual initial clean-up.  Should be a snap to validate.  Let me know if
anything needs rescanning.  If you're new to validation, this will be an
easy one to get started with.


Here's the long synopsis:


They called her Zadieyek of Gyre, which meant "dreaded woman."

She was a fighter, dangerous to confront. Dreaded. The

distant city of Gyre trained such women, so they thought she

came from there and called her Zadieyek of Gyre.

If she had a real name and a true birthplace,

she could not remember them. Her life had apparently

begun with her sale to the Arena for a short brief stardom

fighting vicious men and savage beasts.

Because she was truly a skilled gladiator, she became an object of value.
Bids were made for her body, by those who wanted a winner-or a valued slave.
For herself, she was determined to get to Gyre, to 


find her fre heritage. 




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