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A Necessary Woman by Helen Van Slyke


It's a clean scan, but as usual, please don't struggle with any
indecipherable parts should you find any.  Just send me a note and I'll
rescan the offending passages.  <smile>  


Here's the synopsis.


The chance winning of a door prize-a cruise to the South Pacific-changed the
life of thirty-eight-year-old Mary Farr Morgan and those nearest to her. A
thousand uncertainties preceded that bleak winter morning when she sailed
from San Francisco, leaving behind the charming, unrealistic husband she'd
loved and supported for fifteen years. When she returned, she would have
made the most important decision of her life; whether to stay married to a
man she pitied but could not respect.

During the long days at sea, Mary reviewed her disappointments and doubts:
the early desire for parental approval, always withheld; the longing for
closeness to a jealous, hostile sister; the job she loved and the threat it
presented to her marriage. And through the eyes of her traveling companion,
her beloved twenty-one-year-old niece, Jayne, she came also to a new outlook
on life. The girl's liberated forthrightness forced Mary to face her own
emotions head on, including her passion   for Christopher Andrews, a

fellow passenger who was everything she'd dreamed of in a man . . . and
everything her conscience rejected.

With fascinating, personalized glimpses of such exotic places as Bali, Hong
Kong, and the People's Republic of China, A Necessary Woman is really the
story of two women and two generations-Mary in the middle of her life and
Jayne in the beginning of hers. Interwoven, theirs are the conflicts of all
modern women caught between the demands of duty and the need for survival.
In a world where each searches for happiness, Mary and Jayne emerge with
different solutions to a single problem-how to be true to oneself as. a
woman, in an honest, necessary way.



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