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Thanks. I'll notify the requester, but I don't know if
he or she will validate.


Smith <donnafsmith@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Gravelight by Marion Zimmer Bradley
> This is another clean scan and I've done the usual
> to prepare it for
> validation.  Should be a very easy validation.
> Here's the synopsis.
> Wycherly Musgrave doesn't have good luck with cars
> and alcohol. Trying to
> outrun the memory of a young woman he may have
> killed in a drunk-driving
> accident, Wych sends his expensive sports car
> sailing off the road.. .and,
> with his usual impossible luck, survives the crash
> with no more than a few
> bumps and bruises. The car is totaled, stranding
> Wycherly in the tiny
> mountain town of Morton's Fork. Making the best of a
> bad situation, Wych
> decides to try to dry out.
> Wycherly isn't Morton's Fork's only unusual guest
> this summer: A movie star
> has taken up residence in a converted schoolhouse.
> Sinah Dellon left
> Morton's Fork as an infant foundling. Now she's come
> home to learn who her
> people were-and why she has the ability to read
> minds. But Sinah's psychic
> powers do not help her with the townsfolk, who turn
> from her in fear and
> hatred.
> Equally untrustworthy, according to the residents of
> Morton's Fork, are the
> RV-load of researchers from the Bidney Institute,
> come to investigate
> centuries of reported hauntings, vanishings,
> poltergeists, and other
> phenomena. They too are poking around in things
> better left unexplored.
> Before long,Truth Blackburn, heroine of Bradley's
> novel Ghostlight,
> discovers that the source of the psychic storm is a
> renegade Gate-and one
> with a connection to Truth's own tangled past. But
> she cannot close the Gate
> alone, and the true Keeper is nowhere to be found.
> In despair, Wycherly Musgrave has made a pact with
> evil. In fear, Sinah
> Dellon feels her soul slipping away under attack
> from a vengeful spirit. In
> dread, Truth Blackburn must make a great sacrifice
> to save all the people of
> Morton's Fork, and the man she loves, from the power
> of the Gate.

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