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Broken Angel

Brian Knight

Life in Clearwater was quiet, even a little dull for Grim, but it was better 
than the time he'd spent on the streets of Seattle. Then the strange girl 
arrived, abandoned at a roadside diner. Drugged, sick, with no memory of her 

Grim had a bad feeling about her from the beginning but he didn't say anything 
when his foster mother, Clara, took her in. If anyone needed a home, it was 
this strange, sad girl. Clara's new Angel.

As Angel's health improves and her memory returns, the hot Clearwater summer 
becomes increasingly strange. Insanity creeps through the small town like a 
plague, spawning violence, and no one is immune. And death has arrived in the 
form of a shadowy figure lurking in the woods at night. 

Scott Blanks

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