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The Straw Men

Michael Marshall

Synopsis: Sarah tries to struggle, but the man holds her. The scream never 
makes it out of her throat. 'Nobody's watching,' the man says. 'I made it this 
way. I can walk where nobody sees.'
Sarah Becker is the fifth girl to be abducted by this maniac. Judging from the 
state of the bodies that have been found, her long hair will be hacked off and 
she will be tortured. She has about a week to live.

Former LA homicide detective John Zandt has an inside track on the perpetrator 
- his own daughter was one of his victims two years ago.

But the key to Sarah's whereabouts lies with Ward Hopkins, a man with a past so 
secret that not even he knows about it. His parents have just died in a car 
accident, but they leave Ward a bizarre message that leads him to question 
everything he once believed to be true.

As he begins to investigate his own past Ward finds himself drawn into the 
shadowy, sinister world of the Straw Men - and into the desperate race to find 
Sarah, before her time runs out.


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