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I'd noticed about the m-dashes in Scansoft, but didn't mind much since I prefer 
Fine by a good bit.

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  Actually Scansoft Accurate is the one who dropps the m dashes.  Not Kurzweil

  Fine reader keeps them in.

  It is kind of a choice of two evils, smile.

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  Converting KES to RTFProblem is, K1000 doesn't say blank page when you
  encounter one in a reading stream.  If you go to a page, it will inform you,
  but otherwise not.  Does anyone have a way to find blank pages?
  Second problem with K1000 is it's problem with n-dashes.  It occasionally
  drops them for no apparent reason.  You will find
  "greatgreatgreatgreatgrandchildren", or "tshirt", or "scottfree".  I'm sure
  there are others.  M-dashes don't seem to be fair game.   If I've mentioned
  this previously, appologies.  I'm on puppy nightshift and my memory's a bit
  tattered.  She's now 9 weeks old and things have improved considerably.  But
  we're not all the way there, yet, and I'm still behind on sleep.

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    There was a discussion here recently on K1000 taking out blank pages when
  converting to RTF.

    When validating books where you have to add back blank pages to keep the
  page numbers running correctly. On a newly added blank page simply ad the
  page number and a header or some type of text. K1000 will not consider it


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