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  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 15:15:24 -0500

I also wonder if there is a good way to find blank pages. I wish they would show up in the poorly recognized pages list with a 0.0 confidence level. Does this ever happen?

When reading a book all the way through I have a good method for finding the blank pages, I just can't go back and find them later. You might want to go in to the verbocity options for Kurzweil and find the event for turning a page while reading. Set it to chime and it will make a tiny squeak-like sound when it passes a page boundary. If you hear more than one squeak-;like sound in a row you know there was a blank page and it might be time to examine page numbering before and after, or time to insert something on that page to make it a non-blank page.

Remember that Kurzweil doesn't remove the blank pages when you save. It only refuses to show them when you open an RTF with blank pages.

I've noticed the dash problem too, but I am not sure whether the problem is an OCR problem completely unrelated to the way Kurzweil handles the results, or whether it is a side affect of the feature that joins words that were on separate lines with a dash at the end of the first part of the word. I wouldn't like the feature to not be used even if it sometimes messes up. Joining all the separated words would be a lot more work judging by some of the messes I've seen in books that were small paperbacks scanned with software that retained all the formatting, desirable and otherwise. :-)

I just got Kurzweil 10 a couple days ago and I'm playing with as many features as possible without actually having much to scan. I really need an opertunity to visit a library. I think I'm finally feeling okay enough of the time to start scanning again. Monday I actually had to dust my scanner, which showed me just how pathetic I had become. :-)

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer

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