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Shelley, The dashes that we were discussing that are prone to disappear were hyphens so they are the single dash. Of course what you say is perfectly true, just not what was being discussed. :-)

If you don't want to spend the money and don't think the extra features in version 10 would be of that much use to you that is a good reason not to get it, but I wouldn't decide not to get it just because of the one issue. I do hope it is a feature that is decided is actually more like a bug and removed in a patch in the near future, though. ;-)

With some experimenting I found that I can't get Kurzweil to find two page breaks in a row, so I can't find blank pages that way. I will just have to remember to put something on them when I read through the book the first time. It wasn't that none occurred in the book. Kurzweil gave me an error message saying I couldn't search across page boundaries. Is it only me? I do have version 10 installed and it is very aware that it is version 10.

I couldn't get Word to find two page breaks together either. I tested very thoroughly, but don't feel like writing everything I did. I won't believe it is possible unless someone tells me it worked for them and exactly how they did it.
I was hoping that would be a complete solution to the validators' problems. You can open the RTF in Word and see what page first has a page number. Then you can read the status line to find out the page number as Word counts them. Subtract the number you found in the text from the number you get from the status line. Whatever number you get should be the number that the pages are off if all pages are present. You can then go to the end of the file and press control-page-up until you get a page with a number at the top. Add the number you got in your first calculation to this page number and see if it matches what now appears in the status line. If the math matches then the books page numbering should be just fine. You can close the file without saving and open it in Kurzweil to edit as usual. Don't change any page breaks while in Kurzweil and when finish check numbering in Word again. Now if it is messed up the worrying can begin, because who knows where the problem occurred and what caused it. :-(

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Actually Scansoft Accurate is the one who dropps the m dashes. Not Kurzweil

Fine reader keeps them in.

It is kind of a choice of two evils, smile.

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Converting KES to RTFProblem is, K1000 doesn't say blank page when you
encounter one in a reading stream. If you go to a page, it will inform you,
but otherwise not. Does anyone have a way to find blank pages?
Second problem with K1000 is it's problem with n-dashes. It occasionally
drops them for no apparent reason. You will find
"greatgreatgreatgreatgrandchildren", or "tshirt", or "scottfree". I'm sure
there are others. M-dashes don't seem to be fair game. If I've mentioned
this previously, appologies. I'm on puppy nightshift and my memory's a bit
tattered. She's now 9 weeks old and things have improved considerably. But
we're not all the way there, yet, and I'm still behind on sleep.

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There was a discussion here recently on K1000 taking out blank pages when
converting to RTF.

 When validating books where you have to add back blank pages to keep the
page numbers running correctly. On a newly added blank page simply ad the
page number and a header or some type of text. K1000 will not consider it


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