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Openning, saving and closing in wordpad would probably also work. Jarte is a simple word processor based on wordpad and it zaps almost all styles, but leaves the basic formatting like font, bold, underline, indents. I am not sure about tables, will have to check on that.


Melissa Smith wrote:
Well, you could always try opening, saving and then closing out of it with OpenBook. Then open it in Word again, and see if the styles are gone. I don't know if it would fix it or not, since I don't have it.

Melissa Smith

On 6/18/2010 8:37 PM, Lori Castner wrote:
Unfortunately for this issue, I use Open Book not Kurzweil.
I have formatted the paragraphs and removed extra blank line. I have not done the 27-step paragraph process. I'm most concerned about this style issue, but can't find Judy's message either, and I am sure I saved it!
Thanks for your help.
Lori C.
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    When I had a book with varying styles applied to it, I opened it
    in Kurzweil, saved and closed it. Then I opened it in Word and
    things were back to normal. Of course, if you don't have
    Kurzweil, that isn't an option.
    Judy gave a wonderful explanation of this when I was having this
    issue, but I don't have that message any more. At any rate,
    styles are something that Word uses so that all similar text
    keeps the same formatting. It is supposed to provide consistency,
    as you can simply apply a style, and all of the formatting option
    are all set based on which style you choose. I do not know this
    for sure, but I suspect, that these occur in some of the books
    scanners submit to Bookshare when they scan directly into Word.
    Another thing that may help your file get down to the right size.
    Well, on second thought, more than just one more thing. First,
    have you selected all the text, and done the paragraph formatting
    as explained in the manual? Second, have you eliminated multiple
    blank lines? And, thirdly, have you followed the 27 step process
    to eliminate paragraph marks that shouldn't be there?
    Best of luck with this book.
    Melissa Smith

    On 6/18/2010 5:32 PM, Lori Castner wrote:
    I am proofreading a book that should have 174 pages.  It began
    with 539 pages.  By fixing formatting, changing page size from a
    small custom sized page to 8 and 1/2 by 11 and by changing
    margins, I now have 239 pages in the book.  I also reduced the
    font to .12 throughout.
What is really perplexing me is that every few lines I get a statement that says either style character 1 style character 2. I have selected the entire document and changed the style to
    body text.  Even so I cannot get rid of these other two styles.
    Is there some simple way to change the entire style to normal?
I'm hoping that using normal style throughout and increasing my
    page length will get the book to the right number of pages and
    also make it easier to read.
    I am using Word 2003.
It looks like an interesting book, but I'm going to release it
    if I cannot get the book into one style.
Any help would be appreciated. Lori C.

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