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I do have Microsoft Word and that one is the one I was worried about  
learning how to use, but Word Pad seems to be retaining the page breaks just  
fine so 
far. In a message dated 7/20/2008 3:04:44 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
mrenae@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi  Roger,

Uh, you have a problem.  Wordpad isn't recommended to be  used for validating
Bookshare books.  It has problems either  displaying or retaining page
breaks. I'd recommend using Microsoft Word, or  Kurzweil 1000.  If you have
access to either of those applications,  I'd be happy, as I'm sure others
will to help you use the "find" dialogue  which is used to search for text,
which was, after all, the subject of your  message.

Congratulations on your determination!And I do recommend  taking a look at
the Volunteer Manual on the Bookshare site.  It  really has some helpful
information for validators in it.   


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Sounds like a good idea, but it also sounds like another  exhausting and
frustrating expedition into learning, that is, learning how  to use the word
processing software. I am currently using wordpad. In a  message dated
7/20/2008 10:04:39 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  mbeasley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, Roger.  

Congrats on all your progress with the computer, that's  really very

Regarding leaving a bookmark, I'm  sure there's probably a "computer"
way of doing it,
but I  just do it like this.  When I've been working and I decide I'm
done, I  type three
ampersands, like this: &&&.  You  can use percentage signs, your own
name, anything
that is  unlikely to actually show up in the book.  Then I save my
document and  close down
the word processing software.

When I'm ready to start again, I open up the document I want to work
on,  and "Search"
for &&& and it goes directly to  where I was -- mid-sentence, at the
start of a paragraph or
page, just wherever I was when I typed them before I saved  the

Can you try that?


On Jul 20, 2008, at  12:46 PM, Rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx wrote:

First, let me tell you about some progress I  have made in
ameliorating my technological illiteracy. As I mentioned  earlier everything
I know about using a computer I have learned by sitting  down at the keyboard
and teaching myself. Okay, there has been a little on  line help like I
received here. As I also mentioned earlier, before I tried  out Bookshare.org
I had never downloaded or uploaded a document. The only  downloads I had ever
done were some software and some software updates.  Well, I have for some
time now been reading some Project Gutenberg books on  line because I had no
idea how to download them. However, now that I have  learned how to download
Bookshare books I wondered if my newfound knowledge  would help me at Project
Gutenberg. Well, I just went there and downloaded  a book. It was
surprisingly easy and I felt like I should have been doing  that a long time

Now I have a question. After having had some  trouble
submitting the first book I validated I am now working on another  one. I ,
of course, cannot finish the whole thing in one sitting, but every  time I go
to my documents on my computer and open the book I find myself at  the
beginning. I have been coping by noting the page I am on when I quit  and
arrowing up until I get to the beginning and then type in the number of  the
page I left off on. That number will, of course, be deleted before I  submit
it. The problem is that when I open up the book again and am  reminded of the
page number it is a bit time consuming to find it again. I  just arrow down
until I come across it by stopping and checking now and  then and, Of course,
arrowing up again if I overshoot. Do you guys have any  suggestions about how
to more efficiently mark one's  place?


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