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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 12:46:03 EDT

First, let me tell you about some progress I have made in ameliorating my  
technological illiteracy. As I mentioned earlier everything I know about using 
 computer I have learned by sitting down at the keyboard and teaching myself. 
 Okay, there has been a little on line help like I received here. As I also  
mentioned earlier, before I tried out Bookshare.org I had never downloaded or  
uploaded a document. The only downloads I had ever done were some software 
and  some software updates. Well, I have for some time now been reading some 
Project  Gutenberg books on line because I had no idea how to download them. 
However, now  that I have learned how to download Bookshare books I wondered if 
newfound  knowledge would help me at Project Gutenberg. Well, I just went 
there and  downloaded a book. It was surprisingly easy and I felt like I should 
have been doing that a long time ago.
Now I have a question. After having had some trouble submitting the first  
book I validated I am now working on another one. I , of course, cannot finish  
the whole thing in one sitting, but every time I go to my documents on my  
computer and open the book I find myself at the beginning. I have been coping 
noting the page I am on when I quit and arrowing up until I get to the 
beginning  and then type in the number of the page I left off on. That number 
of  course, be deleted before I submit it. The problem is that when I open up 
the  book again and am reminded of the page number it is a bit time consuming 
to find  it again. I just arrow down until I come across it by stopping and 
checking now  and then and, Of course, arrowing up again if I overshoot. Do you 
guys have any  suggestions about how to more efficiently mark one's  place?

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