[bksvol-discuss] Re: Are volunteers really that important anymore?

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I just want to add that I think we all want the same thing, quality books
for everyone who wants to read. I have to agree with Judy, my daughter was a
member since at least 2004, maybe earlier, and it was finally for her
absolutely the first way that she had access to text. For the previous
decade or more I have been scanning each of her books individually just so
that she would have anything that she could read by herself. I know it must
seem almost unfair that children and adults with physical disabilities are
now getting better access, but in the long run, it is just that, more books
without barriers. My husband is a quadriplegic and loves reading, and this
gives him that opportunity. We could never afford to buy all the books for a
Kindle or something like that, but even that would not be accessible to him.

For what it's worth, neither Doug nor I are members currently, although we
are scanning in hopes that he will be able to have a membership himself. We
simply wanted to a gift to a program that had given so much to our late
daughter and now gives to our second daughter. In the meantime we've been
inspired to try and find a niche that we can add books to since we are both
sighted scanners or proofers. I think it's amazing and wonderful that there
are so many individuals who are blind that are already adding to the
library, we just want to lend our efforts as well. And, as others have said,
I don't think volunteering will ever be obsolete as long as there are
out-of-print books, books on intensely specialized areas, and other people
who just find other things that someone else might enjoy. Whether one other
person benefits or 1000, it's just wonderful to know that we have all shared
the gift of reading.

As for me, I don't have a ton of free time with caring for Doug and Nichole,
I have a house full of books, and I can bet you they will mostly end up on
Bookshare at some point in time as long as they allow volunteers to
contribute. From Christian titles to early readers and more, we've got books
here. Smiles. The more who can read them, the better.

If they ever decide that each population has different needs, I will be
willing and able to make my scans formatted two different ways so that they
can better assist each population. I just hope none of us become so spoiled
that it becomes all or nothing. Hopefully there will just be more and more
books to choose from so that more and more people can benefit.

Take care!


Please pray for Doug's Dad & visit his website:



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> Hi Denise,
> Bookshare hasn't broadened its focus.  smile. Bookshare has
> always been for the print disabled, which includes not just the
> blind but all the print disabled.  I've been a member since 2002.
> Judy s.
> Denise Thompson wrote:
> > Judy
> >
> > I'm behind the times. I didn't realize BS had broadened it's focus.
> I'm
> > glad if it benefits you. I just don't want people who are blind to
> get
> > lost in the process since that was the original reason for BS's
> > existance. Right now all I know is that its getting harder for us to
> > contribute.

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