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> M$ Word also has this feature.  But Word's implementation is slightly
different. You don't have  to go into a separate submenu.  The recently
opened files are typically located at the bottom of the file menu.
I might add that ... You can adjust how many files are listed there in the
Options Menu. Under the General tab, and the check box called Recently Used
Files which is followed by a spin box where you can choose how many files to
be displayed.  I set mine at the maximum number of NINE!  I find it pretty
useful, as I frequently will be returning to files and use this feature for




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I was going to send this to the K1000 list, but my question is more general
than that.
When in Word, or K1000, and presumably in most other programs, when I save
in a nonnative format using the Save As option, the program puts me in that
file.  For example, when I use Save As in K1000 or Word to save a file in
rtf that I am working on in doc or kes, it puts me in the rtf file.  Is
there any way I can use the Save As feature to make an rtf copy in Word or
K1000 - my initial question is mainly regarding K1000 - so I can
periodically save an rtf copy while not leaving the doc or kes file I
started in?  I would really prefer this if I can do it.  I especially want
to be able to edit a kes file, saving a copy in rtf for Bookshare, while
staying in the kes file.  If there is a setting for this somewhere, I
imagine it would be a Windows setting, since this happens in more than one
program.  But if not, could someone tell me how to change this in K1000, or
Word, or both?  Or is this an impossible request, reasonable as it sounds to
Thanks for any helpful advice.

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