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Hi Dave and everyone,

On the download page in the place where it tells about the return, edit,
submit stuff, I have seen the term "donedone".  Is that double talk or what?


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In addition to what Mary has already mentioned, you may come across some
other cases where the book has an accepted date and 2 submission
dates.  One case I know of is if an administrator places a copy of a book
that is in the library, on to the download page for a volunteer  to work on.


At 12:17 AM 12/10/2004, you wrote:
>If it says submit, that's the original scanner who submitted it. Return
>means that it came back to the list, either because somebody's time ran
>out or they released it. Sometimes, it says edit time expired. If its
>been validated, you will see something like action valid and some numbers
>of some kind and then what sounds to me like donedone. And then if you see
>comments after that, they should be from the admin asking
>something or commentingon the reason why the book has been sent back after
>it has been deemed valid by a validator. But submit and return are the
>normal things under comments that indicate the original
>submission and the various edit sessions that didn't result in validation.
>You shouldn't see more than one submitter for a book, I don't think.

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