[bksvol-discuss] All quotes are now question marks in 2 books approved by Bookshare

  • From: Chris Fleming <wellbeing@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 13:10:14 -0600

I recently submitted and validated two books:
Awake In the Heartland by Joan Tollifson and Jerusalem's Heart by Brock Thoene and Bodie Thoene.

Yesterday I received the approval e-mails from Bookshare and thought I'd download the copies and see how they turned out.

I downloaded the Daisy versions of both files.
Well, I read about 70 pages of "Awake In The Heartland" and noticed that something strange was going on with the way JAWS was reading quoted text. I checked and throughout the document anything in quotes has a question mark at the beginning and at the end of the quotation.

Here is the process I used in scanning and validating.

I scanned both books in this manner.

Used Openbook 7.02 with scan in background--because I like to correct errors as I read.

Saved file first as an ark file while I was scanning.

Once scanning was completed, saved file as an RTF file.

Opened the RTF file in Microsoft Word 2003, removed headings, made sure page breaks and page numbers were accurate.
Did a spell check, saved the RTF as an RTF.
Used Winzip to zip the file and submitted it to Bookshare.

I then waited several days to see if the books would be downloaded and validated by someone else and they weren't so I downloaded them from Bookshare and opened each file just to check and see if they were as I had left them--and both were. I then turned around, used the same zipped files I had downloaded and uploaded them from the step 2 page.

I double checked and the .ark files and the original RTF files both have double quotes. Any ideas? I am using Windows XP with the latest updates.

I might also add that I opened the xml files and also opened the books in Victor.

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