[biztech-discussion] Re: Prioritization

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  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 21:57:10 EDT

I agree with much of what Bruce has said here. Andreas and I, who began this 
"campaign" a year or so ago, also came to the conclusion that it would be 
futile to try to stop offshoring, however, we would try to educate people about 
anyway. We had hoped, a year ago, to get some funding from the union to do 
some real actions, but, given limited resources and not much time ourselves, 
could not do too much personally. Now, it's a year later, a lot of momentum has 
been lost, and so many other urgent issues consume the world, that education 
regarding offshoring - compared to the War(s) and the election - almost seems 
like a trivial, idealistic pursuit to me. (I speak only for myself here; 
is in Europe.)
I do agree with Bruce about the security issue as the ONE real target that 
can rally some broad public and worker support. The other concept was that 
business should not be offshored, and that did gain political support as well 
as legislation, in the past few months.

Read the "The Economist" of a few weeks ago (mid April, way before the 
"Resign, Rumsfeld!" issue), and you'll see that they - a global, conservative, 
astute publication on some levels, with a bird's eye view on world markets - 
have given a thumbs down to any discussion on offshoring, and they even mocked 
Lou Dobbs, the only guy I know of in the mainstream media who has promoted anti 
offshoring in a big way on MSNBC. 

If we can structure a narrowly focused campaign - with union resources behind 
it -  including our union organizer's time - we have a shot at accomplishing 
something as a union. Without that, I'm afraid we are going to be ineffective.

I have been out of the NWU loop in the past couple of months, due to my own 
personal survival stuff.....But will try to participate a bit more on this 
list, and in brainstorming, at least.


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