[biztech-discussion] Re: Prioritization

  • From: MzWord@xxxxxxx
  • To: biztech-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 23:56:06 EDT

I have to chime in here --- for some reason everyone thinks I was talking 
about "national security." I was talking about security, as in personal 
security/personal privacy -- it's the one thing anyone not interested in the 
issue from the "save union jobs" perspective DOES immediately understand. So, 
I agree with Al that it's a good hook. 
I have yet to read any proposals for action from the list. But, maybe coming 
into the online discussion late I have missed others' recent suggestions. What 
are folks thinking should or could be done, in concrete terms, as an under 
funded union with a vote towards a 40% use of the sole organizer's time? Any 
workable ideas out there? Has Dian Killian done anything or expressed interest 
pulling together any initiatives nationally? Please forgive me if I've missed 
some commentary here, I admit I have been out of the loop recently.


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