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From Infowars, one of very few actual true news sources.

Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals

*Paul Joseph Watson*
March 24, 2011

The radiation released by the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant already
rivals and in one sense *exceeds* the Chernobyl catastrophe according to
Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, even as media
spin downplays the severity of the crisis despite the fact that the problems
at the plant show no signs of abating.

“The release of two types of radioactive particles in the first 3-4 days of
Japan’s nuclear crisis is estimated to have reached 20-50 percent of the
amounts from Chernobyl in 10 days, an Austrian expert said on
Wednesday,” reports

Iodine-131 released in the first 3-4 days of the crisis was about 20 percent
of that released from Chernobyl during a ten-day period, whereas the amount
of Caesium-137 released amounted to about 50 percent, according to the
institute’s Dr Gerhard Wotawa.

Despite the fact that the story appears under the euphemistic Reuters
headline, *Japan radiation release lower than Chernobyl*, as Tyler Durden
when you consider the fact that the amount of Caesium-137 released at
Fukushima in the first 3-4 days of the crisis amounted to 50% that released
by Chernobyl over 10 days, the real run rate of the radiation released at
Fukushima is now about 120-150% the figure released by the Chernobyl
explosion – and that’s not even factoring in ongoing radiation leaks from
Fukushima, which many experts have estimated could go on for much longer.

As the New York Times
“Experts….suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled
plants could go on for weeks or even months.” Even if Fukushima technicians
manage to stop radiation leakage after one month, estimated Caesium-137
emissions would be at least 500 percent more than those released by
Chernobyl, whereas iodine-131 levels could be 200 percent worse.

A further complication is the fact that we don’t even know how much if any
plutonium emissions have leaked from Fukushima reactor number 3, which runs
on MOX or Mixed Oxide fuel, a mixture of plutonium and
Plutonium is the most deadly radioactive isotope known to man, and MOX is
two million times more deadly than normal enriched uranium. The Half-life of
Plutonium-239 in MOX is 24,000 years and just a few milligrams of P-239
escaping in a smoke plume will contaminate soil for tens of thousands of

In the case of Chernobyl, the vast majority of the plutonium was not
released during the explosion and subsequent fire. Japanese authorities and
the establishment media seem reticent to even discuss the potential release
of plutonium from reactor number 3 at Fukushima.

“The fact that radiation releases are approaching the level they did in
Chernobyl is a cause for concern, a sign of the severity of the accident
that’s already taken place,” said Edwin Lyman, senior scientist at the
U.S.-based Union of Concerned Scientists Global Security Program, especially
given the way Chernobyl exploded.”

The only two factors that have really prevented the Fukushima crisis from
becoming as severe as Chernobyl thus far are firstly that, unlike in the
case of Chernobyl, residents within the exclusion zone were quickly
evacuated, and secondly, most of the radiation from Fukushima has been
dispersed over the Pacific Ocean, whereas Chernobyl fallout blanketed the
land mass of Europe.

However, at least with Chernobyl the full impact of the disaster was known
and its threat was able to be quantified quickly. Fukushima has been burning
for 2 weeks and shows no sign of abating. Given the fact that one type of
radiation reached 20% and the other over 50% of Chernobyl within days,
Fukushima is on course to be worse than the 1986 disaster in the long term.

As Tyler Durden asks, “How soon until the first indications of radiation
poisoning start appearing. Somehow we are confident we will not find out
until years from now when all the truth surrounding this incident is finally

Indeed, despite UN and World Health Organization studies that claim
Chernobyl led to a maximum of 9,000 deaths and 200,000 cases of radiation
sickness, more contemporary studies have
nearly a million people have been killed from cancers caused by the
disaster over the course of the last 25 years.

If radiation releases from Fukushima are being underreported by authorities,
as they were with Chernobyl, and a heap of evidence suggests they
then we won’t know the full impact of the disaster until decades have

Despite the massive threat Fukushima poses to the food supply, as the U.S.
and other countries ban dairy and vegetable imports from farms
the radiation release, U.S. health authorities and the EPA are still
insisting that Americans should not take potassium
even at weaker levels, despite the fact that it is known to protect against
thyroid cancer by blocking the absorption of radioactive iodine.

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> Your graphic is labeled potential release (who is the source). NOAA says it
> is possible which any good scientist will say.*its a military FOUO map*
> Radioiodine 131 is beta decay and has a half life of 8 days. It has a use
> in medical procedures. Plastic and distance can be used to form an efficient
> barrier for dealing with high energy beta radiation. If the particles
> make it into the jet stream they would reach the US west cost in about a
> day. I have good evidence, other than common since, that Japan is shielding
> themselves from contamination as best they can. Meaning that the problem for
> them is the water. *and the Food and the air , people from Japan are
> leaving by the planes full. ( Hawaii has been inundated by those who could
> afford to leave ). The US is pulling all dependents off the island and then
> evacuating their bases. Water 30 miles out is 1250 x's normal radiation
> level and increasing daily. Shit from Japan is washing up NOW on the West
> Coast of the US.*
> http://www.mass.gov On 27 March 2011, the Massachusetts Department of
> Public Health reported that 131I was detected in rainwater from samples
> collected in Massachusetts, USA, and that this *likely* originated from
> the Fukushima power plant. Air samples at the same location have shown no
> detectable radiation. There is no health impact to state drinking water
> supplies as a result of these findings, and state and federal health
> officials emphasized that there are no anticipated public health concerns.
> *That's from the same folks that bring you Fluoride in your water and
> Mercury in your inoculations BTW: if it got to Massachusetts, it got here .
> . .*
> This radiation damages cells when it enters through the skin due to close
> proximity to the source which we are not. Ingesting this radiation would be
> the potential hazard for us and can cause thyroid damage in children however
> the treatment of iodine is effective.
> More people die in car accidents in America every year than died as a
> direct cause of the Russia Chernobyl accident *way* *wrong* which was way
> worse than this.*wrong again* I am not joining in the hype . . .  * (
> HYPE, you say, there are 3 reactors currently, actively in the act of
> their cores melting down, with radiation levels too high to allow repair
> crews access.Current status of reactors;*
>  *• Reactor No. 1: Cooling systems still not functional. Reactor core
> damaged. Lights are on inside the building.
> • Reactor No. 2: High **radiation*<http://www.naturalnews.com/radiation.html>
> *. Partial core meltdown admitted. Containment vessel likely damaged by
> the **explosion* <http://www.naturalnews.com/explosion.html>*.
> • Reactor No. 3: Deadly MOX **fuel* <http://www.naturalnews.com/fuel.html>
> *. Very high radiation detected in cooling water. Partial core meltdown
> admitted. Cooling pumps are not working and radiation is too high to allow
> workers to fix them. Building severely damaged by explosion. Cooling pool
> may also be damaged.
> • Reactor No. 4: Cooling water levels are low and efforts are being made to
> replenish the water levels.
> • Reactor No. 5: Cooling pumps are working, the situation appears stable.
> This reactor was offline when the 
> **tsunami*<http://www.naturalnews.com/tsunami.html>
> * hit.
> • Reactor No. 6: Appears to be safely under control. Cooling pumps are
> operating. This reactor was offline when the tsunami hit.)
> *
>  of the No Nuke power plant crowd. *has no bearing on what's going on* 
> Knowledge
> is power! *Increase your power, learn more*
> spike
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