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They are talking about cutting from 1 part per million to .5 parts but not 
cutting it all together.



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Now this is for the folks who are getting misinformation, simply because I'll 
not just sit back and let people be misled.
I'm not going to go into the radiation portion since I feel that common sense 
should win the day on that subject.  Bottom line.  It's radiation, leave 
nothing to chance and don't take it lightly.
Since Mercury is a no-brainer, let's talk about fluoride: 
Fluoride:  "Florid is not a major concern to health or they would not still be 
using it. The data is in and the benefits out way the risks. There is a reason 
they started using it. Tooth infections was a major cause of child mortality in 
the US. No Longer! "

Here's a pretty good article from a (Mythbuster) Doctor regarding Fluoride.

Here is the data: Fluoridation to water is regarded as a simple measure to 
improve public health. It is thought that adding fluoride helps strengthen the 
enamel of teeth, preventing decay, cavities and tooth loss. This measure was 
endorsed by the American Medical Association in 1951 and by the American Dental 
Association in 1953 [Source: Coffel]. Questions are now increasing in regards 
to the safety of such a program. Fluoride is generally assumed to protect tooth 
enamel. It may also increase bone density, but it does not decrease fracture 
risk [Source: Banting].
In fact, fluoride may actually weaken the bones [Source: Limeback, Phipps]
Fluoride may affect dietary allergies and protein digestion and intolerance 
[Source: Butler]. Fluoride has also been linked to symptoms of stomach pain and 
indigestion [Source: Gupta]. Unfortunately, this means that many people may be 
experiencing digestive problems due to fluoride and have no idea what the 
problem is. This leads to further medication and doctor visits to treat 
symptoms while the underlying problem persists. Fluoride may also damage 
joints, connective tissue, the brain and the testicles [Source: Navak, 
Irritable bowel syndrome anyone?  Let's not forget that osteoporosis has become 
more and more common as well.
Many clinicians share a concern that fluoride may play a role in the all too 
common symptoms of low thyroid function such as fatigue, weight gain, cold 
hands and feet, dry skin, irregular bowel function and brain fog. The concern 
stems from the fact that fluoride comes from the same family of elements as 
iodine. Iodine is the essential component to thyroid hormone. Is the fluoride 
upsetting the iodine balance in the body leading to widespread symptoms that we 
see today?  Is fluoride abundance in our water (and basically all beverages) 
overriding what many see as iodine deficiency? This area has not been looked at 
sufficiently to know for sure. Apprehension with fluoride also comes from links 
of fluoride treatment to cancer [Source: Yiamouyiannis]. Fluoride treatments in 
male rats are associated with bone cancer. Concerns have also been raised for 
increased risks to the thyroid and liver.
Water fluoridation also poses some risk because the dosage is assumed to be the 
same for everyone. Infants and the elderly may be much more susceptible to 
changes in fluoride levels and should be watched closely [Source: Whitford]. 
Fluoride levels do not just include drinking water but also will also be 
affected by soft drinks, juices and soups. A potentially large source of 
fluoride is toothpaste. Fluoride is added to toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. 
Fluoride toothpaste should not be swallowed and therefore not used for toddlers 
or anyone cannot sufficiently spit all of the toothpaste out. There are cases 
of acute fluoride poisoning from water systems, including side effects up to 
death [Source: Gessner].
Even dentists and members of the American Dental Association are now discussing 
whether water fluoridation is actually helpful [Source: Coffel]. Interestingly, 
fluoride has been sourced from leftover waste from aluminum and phosphate 
industries. Fluoride when applied topically can be done and then removed (spit) 
from the body, posing much less risk to the system than fluoride that is 
ingested and absorbed throughout.


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National Toxicology Program Study. Journal of The American Dental Association, 
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Bones: Is Dose Adjustment Now Required?. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 
March-April, 1993;84(2):78-81.
Phipps, K.R. and Burt, B.A. Water-Borne Fluoride and Cortical Bone Mass: A 
Comparison of Two Communities. Journal of Dental Research, June 
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Immunology Letters, 1990;26:217-220.
Gupta, I.P., et al.  Fluoride as a Possible Etiological Factor in Non-Ulcer 
Dyspepsia. Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 1992;7:355-356.
Pendrys, David G. and Katz, Ralph V.  Risk of Enamel Fluorosis Associated With 
Fluoride Supplementation, Infant Formula and Fluoride Dentifrice Use. American 
Journal of Epidemiology, 1989;130(6):1199-1208.
Yiamouyiannis, John, Ph.D. Update on Fluoride and Cancer. The Townsend Letter 
For Doctors, December 1990;864-865.
Gessner, Bradford D., M.D., et al. Acute Fluoride Poisoning From a Public Water 
System. New England Journal of Medicine, January 13, 1994;330(2):95-99.
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Fluoride. Journal of Dental Research, February 1990;69(Spec Iss):539-549.
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contamination. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2009 Apr:47(4):292-5.
Giachini M, Pierleoni F. Fluoride Toxicity. Minerva Stomatol. 2004 

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Ok you guys run and hide. I will continue to live my life and lobby for nuclear 
power which has been used on Navy vessels for decades with no deaths. 
No radiation has washed up on our braches, no radiation is in our air, and only 
trace amounts in one rain water detector. It has not been confirmed where that 
came from and if they find more they would have there conformation. Man did not 
create radiation it exist naturally. We use the same one in medicine injecting  
it directly into people. The benifits out weigh the risks.
Radiation sensors in this country are not new and none have gone off. No one 
died in the US from 3 Mile Island or Chernobyl. 400,000 dead in Europe my ass, 
not buying 40,000 either. Sorry! The number was more like 4,000 and Russia did 
not treat people. You can believe what you want. Not trying to change your mind.
Japan is going to have problems because of water contamination (and I said 
that) . They have no way to recycle it at this point so they have to send it 
directly into the ocean where it has traveled a whole 30 miles. Far from the 
5000 it would have to go to reach us. That means it is on the food but it can 
be washed off again polluting the water. Every time we use water we pollute it. 
Keep in mind that the half life of the radiation in question is 8 days not 
thousands of years. That means that it can't travel by water to the US. Sorry! 
You can believe what you want. Also once the contamination is stopped the 
levels will return to normal in less than a month.
Repairs to cores may not be possible but they can shield themselves from the 
radiation and they are. Granted the water will be a problem until they get 
cooling under control and they are working on that with the worlds help.
Florid is not a major concern to health or they would not still be using it. 
The data is in and the benefits out way the risks. There is a reason they 
started using it. Tooth infections was a major cause of child mortality in the 
US. No Longer! 
The mercury thing I don't know about but I do know they are putting it in the 
new light bulbs which is not a good idea and we should fight that. 
Yes I would leave Japan too because there is no power, no food, and no shelter 
in a third of the country.
The explosions they talk about are not nuclear. They are caused by pressure 
building up from water turning to gas (steam) and expanding beyond the capacity 
of the room. Yes radiation was released into the air during that but the area 
contaminated was maybe 30 miles it did not reach altitude necessary to hit the 
jet steam. It would only take a day to get here if it had not weeks. 



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Your graphic is labeled potential release (who is the source). NOAA says it is 
possible which any good scientist will say.its a military FOUO map
Radioiodine 131 is beta decay and has a half life of 8 days. It has a use in 
medical procedures. Plastic and distance can be used to form an efficient 
barrier for dealing with high energy beta radiation. If the particles make it 
into the jet stream they would reach the US west cost in about a day. I have 
good evidence, other than common since, that Japan is shielding themselves from 
contamination as best they can. Meaning that the problem for them is the water. 
and the Food and the air , people from Japan are leaving by the planes full. ( 
Hawaii has been inundated by those who could afford to leave ). The US is 
pulling all dependents off the island and then evacuating their bases. Water 30 
miles out is 1250 x's normal radiation level and increasing daily. Shit from 
Japan is washing up NOW on the West Coast of the US.
http://www.mass.gov On 27 March 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Public 
Health reported that 131I was detected in rainwater from samples collected in 
Massachusetts, USA, and that this likely originated from the Fukushima power 
plant. Air samples at the same location have shown no detectable radiation. 
There is no health impact to state drinking water supplies as a result of these 
findings, and state and federal health officials emphasized that there are no 
anticipated public health concerns. That's from the same folks that bring you 
Fluoride in your water and Mercury in your inoculations BTW: if it got to 
Massachusetts, it got here . . .
This radiation damages cells when it enters through the skin due to close 
proximity to the source which we are not. Ingesting this radiation would be the 
potential hazard for us and can cause thyroid damage in children however the 
treatment of iodine is effective.
More people die in car accidents in America every year than died as a direct 
cause of the Russia Chernobyl accident way wrong which was way worse than 
this.wrong again I am not joining in the hype . . .   ( HYPE, you say, there 
are 3 reactors currently, actively in the act of their cores melting down, with 
radiation levels too high to allow repair crews access.Current status of 

• Reactor No. 1: Cooling systems still not functional. Reactor core damaged. 
Lights are on inside the building.

• Reactor No. 2: High radiation. Partial core meltdown admitted. Containment 
vessel likely damaged by the explosion.

• Reactor No. 3: Deadly MOX fuel. Very high radiation detected in cooling 
water. Partial core meltdown admitted. Cooling pumps are not working and 
radiation is too high to allow workers to fix them. Building severely damaged 
by explosion. Cooling pool may also be damaged.

• Reactor No. 4: Cooling water levels are low and efforts are being made to 
replenish the water levels.

• Reactor No. 5: Cooling pumps are working, the situation appears stable. This 
reactor was offline when the tsunami hit.

• Reactor No. 6: Appears to be safely under control. Cooling pumps are 
operating. This reactor was offline when the tsunami hit.)

 of the No Nuke power plant crowd. has no bearing on what's going on Knowledge 
is power! Increase your power, learn more


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Kevin J
“Far Better it is to Dare Mighty Things than to take rank with those poor, 
timid spirits Who know Neither Victory nor Defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt 

"I was not delivered unto this world in defeat,
nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a
sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I
am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep
with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep
and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let
them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure
is not my destiny.


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