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Your graphic is labeled potential release (who is the source). NOAA says it is 
possible which any good scientist will say.
Radioiodine 131 is beta decay and has a half life of 8 days. It has a use in 
medical procedures. Plastic and distance can be used to form an efficient 
barrier for dealing with high energy beta radiation. If the particles make it 
into the jet stream they would reach the US west cost in about a day. I have 
good evidence, other than common since, that Japan is shielding themselves from 
contamination as best they can. Meaning that the problem for them is the water. 
http://www.mass.gov On 27 March 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Public 
Health reported that 131I was detected in rainwater from samples collected in 
Massachusetts, USA, and that this likely originated from the Fukushima power 
plant. Air samples at the same location have shown no detectable radiation. 
There is no health impact to state drinking water supplies as a result of these 
findings, and state and federal health officials emphasized that there are no 
anticipated public health concerns. 
This radiation damages cells when it enters through the skin due to close 
proximity to the source which we are not. Ingesting this radiation would be the 
potential hazard for us and can cause thyroid damage in children however the 
treatment of iodine is effective.
More people die in car accidents in America every year than died as a direct 
cause of the Russia Chernobyl accident which was way worse than this. I am not 
joining in the hype of the No Nuke power plant crowd. Knowledge is power!


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